Tausif Samin

I create functional robots, factual infographics and minimal websites

生き甲斐 (Ikigai)


I'm Tausif Samin. A Bangladeshi Web Developer, Writer, Graphics Designer, Video Editor, Photographer and Robotics enthusiast currently studying in Notre Dame College. I'm passionate about coding, robotics, digital art, music, travelling and photography. I'm still learning newer and better assistive technologies, travelling to immerse myself in more diverse cultures, researching both social and scientific problems; making people's lives a bit better one small step at a time.

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Flagship skillsets


I can design complex circuits and build functional robots including UGVs, UAVs and other Interactive Autonomous robots.

Web Design

I'm a FCC Certified Responsive Web Designer and Developer. I'm adept in HTML5, CSS3, Python, Kotlin and JavaScript.

Video Editing

I can create commercial/film, infographics, promo/intro using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and DiVinci Resolve.

Featured Projects

Creative DesignIdea

Literally a living bundle of curiosity. Nothing can trample this man's mission on making people's lives better. His project ProCure was really magnificent. Improving a doctor's lifestyle, efficiency and availability in the 2020 Pandemic, making telemedicine accessible to all for free. I wish this young man success on his future endavours.

Dr. Tabassum Ghani

Assoc. Prof. Dhaka Medical College

I can write android payloads and exploit android security flaws using metasploit and custom scripts. I can also exploit wireless network vulnerabilities and write phishing scripts.

Penetration Testing

I can design killer logos, posters, banners and modern looking UI/UX using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Graphics design

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Dhaka, Bangladesh.

+880 155 802 MEOW

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